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Claire Luvin

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Fitness & Wellness Manager

Claire became a part of the Kings team in 2019 when she relocated to Guernsey from Hertfordshire with her family.

Highly motivated to be the best she can be in everything that she does, former Police Officer Claire loves to see people grow in strength and confidence and feels Kings is the perfect place to achieve these goals as it offers something for everyone.

Personally she enjoys weight training as it helps her to feel confident, capable and gives her mental strength - it also helps her develop her trademark grit!

Outside of work she enjoys exercise, baking and reading, with a keen personal interest in health, fitness and nutrition topics, achieving a diploma in nutrition in 2002, which she refreshed in 2017. 

She continues to learn and has recently completed a course on Integrated Nutritional Periodisation which aims to help clients to adhere to long term diets.

She has also carried out extensive research in the areas of Sleep, Mindfulness and Meditation and completed courses in ‘Training and the Menopause’ ‘Exercising for Older Populations’ and ‘Practical Nutrition Coaching’.

Email: claire.luvin@kings.gg
Phone: 01481723366

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