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Les Mills is the world’s largest, most popular and recognised group fitness provider. It was founded by a four-time Olympian with a relentless drive to be the best in his field. Les Mills Snr started his first gym in Auckland, New Zealand in 1968. Now, five decades on, Les Mills has evolved into a global fitness movement with workouts that are loved by millions and are available in clubs and gyms across the world.

For class participants, the appeal is that the programmes deliver great results, create an incredible energy and stay up to date with the latest moves and music. Wherever you are in the world, you can be confident of getting a top quality class experience. Each of the Les Mills class programmes are updated every three months with completely new choreography, music and instructor training.

The New Zealand-based Programme Directors scour the globe for the latest learnings, trends and ideas to feed into this creative process. They also listen to hundreds of hours of music in search of the hottest tracks and then it’s the job of the Music Licensing Team to gain permissions from the record labels, or Les Mills will create cover versions or an original composition.

As technology and expectations constantly evolve, we strive to remain at the forefront. For us, Les Mills is a formula that works. Our members really like the variety and the quality of the music and the instruction.

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