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App Update - KBT just got more convenient!

12 July 2019

Just one click on the Boditrax logo which features on the homescreen of our App will take you directly to your account, where you can view all of your readings, track your progress and much more!

KBT stands for Kings Boditrax – it’s our in-house body composition analysis machine and is a great way to benchmark your fitness progress.  There is lots of information on our website at www.kings.gg/kbt

Simply stand on the machine and it will scan your body to assess muscle mass, fat percentage, hydration levels and differences across your body – it will even calculate your metabolic age, and all in less than 2 minutes. 

As part of the Induction and Analysis session, one of our trained gym staff will go through the results for you, explain what they mean and suggest ways in which you can tailor your training to achieve your desired results.

To book a session, or to find out more, email kbt@kings.gg.

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