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Our management and administration team are just as passionate about the Club and the importance of customer service as our Member Services and fitness staff. Whether it's a membership enquiry, suggestions and feedback, or keeping their eyes out for the next big fitness trend, they work tirelessly to ensure that the high standards expected by our members are consistently met and often exceeded.

Sean Mills - Group Club Manager

Jovial, personable, slightly OCD about making lists and with the Club at the centre of everything he does, Sean is the go-to man for staff and members alike. Having been with Kings for over 14 years, he considers a number of members his personal friends and works tirelessly to make sure the Club environment is an enjoyable and productive one for everyone concerned.

When asked what he particularly enjoyed about working with the team at Marina and Kings, he said he loves the small close-knit team and highlighted the way that everyone goes above and beyond their normal duties, particularly during difficult or busy seasonal periods.

Sean has a passion for all sports and excels at golf where he has represented Guernsey in numerous Inter-Insulars and has been fortunate enough to compete at two Island Games. Outside of work he enjoys holidaying in new places, spending time with his wife and family and despite managing a Health Club, he understands and appreciates the need to let your hair down, socialise and have a drink with friends.

Helena Pearson - Sales and Member Services Manager

Helena joined us in December 2023 and has made such a positive impact in such a short amount of time transitioning to Sales and Member Services Manager as of March 2024.

Through her career in education and mental health she has supported and empowered people of different ages. She believes everyone deserves the right to a balanced lifestyle and is keen to guide others towards achieving their lifestyle goals. Ask Helena a question and she will help you find the answer.

Outside of work Helena enjoys spending time with her turtles, cats and dogs alongside looking after her own mental and physical wellbeing.

Sue Niles - Office, IT and Administration Executive

Sue joined the team in 2022 and enjoys the variety of the her role. She plays an important role in our small team and manages our day to day administrative and office requirements. Sue loves our ethos of working together to get the job done. She is also passionate about technology, which stems from her previous career in IT as an ethical hacker and she particularly enjoys troubleshooting, which forms a regular part of her role as she oversees much of our IT platform.

In her spare time Sue enjoys art, fishing and loves to spend time out in all weathers with her dog Bourbon.

Shelley Tansell - Sales & Events Executive

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Our operations team help to support the smooth running of the Club, ensuring that the equipment is well maintained and serviced, all of our alarm and safety systems are up to date and regularly tested and that our facilities are consistently hitting the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene that our members expect.

Matthew Hulme - Facilities & Operations Manager

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We don't believe in making people work out, we want people to fall in love with fitness so that they want to work out. Our core pool of Certified Les Mills Instructors benefit from ongoing education programmes and refreshed programmes every 90 days. This ensures our class offering is always inspiring, bang up to date and of the highest quality.

Jo Richardson - Fitness & Studio Manager and Personal Trainer

Jo has been a member of Kings since 2017 and joined the team full time in 2021. A self-confessed fitness addict, she is a firm believer in the mental benefits of exercise as well as physical, which is where her love of exercise comes from and she says that working somewhere that helps people so much in so many different ways is a huge motivation. Having been with the team a few years now, Jo's role at the Club has evolved and she now heads up our fitness team as Gym & Fitness Manager.

Jo believes that in order for an exercise programme to be effective it has to be enjoyable, progressive, challenging and well-structured. She is passionate about helping people to change their lives in the most effective and realistic way possible. Jo believes in positive motivation and keeping clients on their toes, sustaining their interest by keeping programmes both challenging and exciting.

Outside of work, she likes spending time with her friends, playing games or reading. She's also got an adventurous side, which means she is up for trying almost everything. So far, skydiving, shark-cage diving and looking after Cheetahs have been ticked off her list to name a few!

Claire Luvin - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Claire is a Level 3 Personal trainer who has been working in the fitness industry since 2002. She is passionate about helping people achieve greater confidence and firmly believes that a structured training programme with progressive overload delivers far better results than any amount of cardio or HIIT training will.

She also specialises in pre and post-natal exercise and understands the importance of a functional core on returning to exercise post-delivery. Claire maintains a keen interest in nutrition and is constantly developing her knowledge in this field in order to help her clients to achieve optimal results with a consistent approach to both training and diet.

She's also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and has notched up a skydive, completed the London Marathon, London Triathlon and various obstacle races.

Serena Moloney - Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Serena has been in the fitness industry for the last 30 years and has a wealth of experience working as a group exercise instructor and Personal Trainer.

Serena's interest is in women's wellness, particularly menopausal women who find the changes to their bodies quite challenging. Serena helps women to navigate this time of their life in a holistic way to help them look and feel better. Strength training becomes even more important at this time of life as muscle mass declines and having a Personal Trainer who understands these changes and how to overcome them will help you through this third age.

FAVOURITE WORKOUTS - Strength training, Pilates and BodyBalance.

Dave Richardson - Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Dave has been a fitness trainer for over 20 years. He was inspired to become an instructor when he became a lot fitter through running and wanted people to share that feeling of wellbeing.

He has a passion for helping people to reach their goals and currently teaches the popular Les Mills CYCLING classes, Trip, RPM and Sprint as well as having a portfolio of Personal Training clients that he works with on a regular basis.

Dave still finds time and the energy to run, especially on the cliff paths, something he has been doing for over 20 years.

Annette Harding - Fitness Class Instructor

Annette joined Kings when she moved to Guernsey in 2009. She quickly fell in love with the island and the people she met through the Club, so much so that soon after joining as a member she came to work with us as Receptionist.

As a qualified instructor, it wasn't long before Annette joined our fitness team, bringing an energy and sense of humour that shines through her classes. By her own admission she's completely mad but always strives to deliver the best for our members.

Karl Moherndl - Fitness Class Instructor

Karl has been a Fitness Instructor at Kings for a number of years teaching Les Mills GRIT, BodyAttack and BodyStep in addition to his full-time job as a teacher at The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre.

Karl originally joined Kings as a member in 2012 and it was the buzz created in the exercise classes and the difference they made to his fitness and well-being that inspired him to initially train in BodyAttack.

Karl loves sharing the passion he has for the programmes, and seeing the progress people make when they accomplish something they couldn't do a month before.

Dionne Black - Fitness Class Instructor

Fitness enthusiast, Dionne qualified is a Les Mills GRIT and Boxercise instructor too. Having participated in the Les Mills programmes for a number of years, qualifying as an instructor marked the culmination of a long-held ambition.

Her infectious enthusiasm and bubbly personality helps her to encourage her class to reach new levels of achievement through hard work, determination and most of all fun! When she's not teaching GRIT, she can often be found on reception, where she is a firm favourite with members and visitors alike.

Mike Froome - Fitness Class Instructor

When it comes to experience, Mike has it in spades. He's been teaching fitness classes for “Donkeys Years” and joined the team at Kings in 2010 as a part-time fitness instructor.

He is keen on motivating people and making them work as hard as they can in order to get maximum benefit from the classes. He particularly likes the music and choreography of his Pump and CX Worx classes, and says that the Les Mills offering within Kings is second to none.

He spent nearly 20 years as a paramedic and training manager at the Guernsey Ambulance Service and is currently the Clinical Skills Trainer at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. He is also Guernsey's Community Resuscitation Development Officer and spends two days a week teaching people around the island how to use defibrillators, together with basic resuscitation techniques.

In his spare time he loves to be out and about and enjoys swimming, eating out, socialising and people watching.

Liz Dale - Fitness Class Instructor

Liz has an Honours Degree in PE & English and taught PE in Guernsey for a number of years. As she also had a keen interest in fitness, she obtained various qualifications to enable her to teach classes - Exercise to Music, Step, Boxercise and Fit Kids.

She is also qualified in Les Mills BodyStep, BodyAttack and Tone and has also completed her AIM2 (Advanced Instructor Module) in BodyStep. More recently she has added a further string to her bow and has undergone training to take the popular immersive fitness class from Les Mills 'The Trip'.

Liz loves both teaching and participating in classes and wants everyone to have fun whilst getting fitter. She has a great connection with her class members and likes her music loud!

Elinora Robilliard - Fitness Instructor

Ellie has a self-confessed passion for fitness and the way it makes people feel and says Kings is the perfect place to be, describing it as a social and vibrant Club with great people, from the members right through to the fitness staff who are friendly and dedicated to helping everyone achieve their goals.

She is a huge fan of the Les Mills classes and loves the fact that they are really inclusive, and accessible to everyone, no matter whether they are a beginner or an experienced gym-user. She also finds the music and choreography motivating and exciting. Outside of work, Ellie enjoys long walks and meals out in Guernsey's great restaurants!

Zoe Blake - Fitness Class Instructor

Zoe originally joined Kings as a BodyAttack instructor and Head Receptionist in 2009 and since then she has trained in Tone, Born to Move and Les Mills GRIT. Zoe loves to share the passion she has for her classes with her members and particularly enjoys the feedback and interaction she gets with the children and parents within the popular Born to Move fitness classes for kids.

In her spare time Zoe loves to be outdoors and is kept busy with her young son. She has even been known to serve up a homemade curry tea on the beach!

Tracy Hubert - Fitness Class Instructor

Tracy is known among her friends and colleagues a complete fitness nerd and a bit of a Duracell bunny. Kings has been a lifelong passion for her and holds many fond memories, from playing tennis as a junior to forging some great friendships over the years. She credits the welcoming approach she gets from the reception desk, to getting down to business in the studio under the watchful eye of some great instructors as a real plus, both for her personally and for the Club as a whole. She loves the enthusiasm and energy of the Kings instructors and felt that she wanted to be a part of that, which led her to train as a certified Les Mills instructor of both The Trip and RPM.

In her full-time role as an Assistant Headteacher, she strives to lead and inspire her pupils by helping them to see that anything is possible if you put your heart into it. She has recently settled back into her fitness routine by making full use of the Immersive Cycling Studio after suffering a ruptured achillies. She says it really highlights the fact that regardless of her body throwing a curved ball with an injury preventing her from running or jumping, it's still possible to achieve a really great level of fitness, particularly at Kings as there's always an activity to do at the club, no matter what your body constraints might be.

Outside of work she can often be found sea swimming. In March 2020, she completed her first year-round swimming anniversary, having swum through the dark winter months at 6am most mornings. She is also learning to play the acoustic guitar and loves to partake of the odd margarita or two with friends. Her passion for baking means that she has rare sofa-time, but she just loves being busy. Her family and close friends definitely reap the rewards of her bakes!

Sara Collins - Swimming Coach & Aqua Fit Instructor

Sara is one of our fully-qualified and friendly swimming coaches. Having qualified over 15 years ago, Sara has plenty of experience and thrives on helping young children learn to swim. She specialises in individual and group lessons as well as instructing our popular Aqua Fit classes.

Sophie Le Blanq - Swimming Coach

Sophie is a fully-qualified swimming coach and has been teaching at Kings for over 15 years. Many of the children Sophie has taught to swim at Kings have gone on to represent the island at national and even international level. Sophie is able to offer something for the absolute beginner right through to the competitive swimmer.

Having represented the island at international level on a number of occasions herself, Sophie hung up her competitive hat and goggles in 1998, when she transitioned into swim teaching. She loves to see her clients improve, gaining water confidence and stroke technique. Passionate about swimming, she feels it's an essential skill to learn, especially in Guernsey which is surrounded by sea and beautiful beaches, where water sports are becoming ever more popular.

Jonathan Skelton - Tai Chi Instructor

Jonathan is a teacher and practitioner in Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He has been learning and practicing for twenty three years. He is a Registered Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Beginning in 1997 Jonathan took instruction in Tai Chi with the Guernsey Tai Chi Foundation and gained his certificate for foundation practice. He went on to learn Tai Chi short form under the guidance of the John Ding Academy in London. In 2015 he took instruction in Tai Chi Chuan long form and various Qi Gong practices for three years. Classes included instruction in the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Tai Chi.

Jonathan's daily practice includes Walking Meditation, a variety of Qi Gong practices, and Tai Chi Chuan long form. He is currently learning to access the meridians, which are energy highways that connect the major organ systems. This is another essential element in Tai Chi meditation, through guided internal exercises as taught by renowned practitioner Damo Mitchell.

In addition he is learning Mandarin, studying Taoist philosophy, and practises Chinese calligraphy.


We know how important it is for parents and carers to be confident that their children are being looked after in safe and friendly surroundings. We strive to provide top quality coaching and care in a happy, nurturing and fun environment. Our Kids@Kings team work alongside highly experienced and qualified leaders who are experts in their fields and all of our staff undergo the relevant checks.

Rob West - Head of Sports and Kids@Kings

Renowned Guernsey tennis player and coach Rob West joined us in 2021 to take on the role of Head of Sports and to launch and lead our new and growing Kids@Kings programme.

Rob grew up in Guernsey and left at the age of 16 to pursue his tennis-playing ambitions, firstly on a scholarship to Millfield School and then on a subsequent scholarship to Cleveland State University in Ohio, USA. His passion for tennis provided him with numerous opportunities to play, train and travel all over the world. On graduating, he took up a number of prestigious coaching positions in Ohio, New Jersey and New York.

He is a United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Certified Elite Pro and a Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) Accredited Coach and since 2010 has been a full time manager and coach at the Guernsey Tennis Centre where he has continued to pass on the knowledge he has gained by helping others to develop to their full potential and fulfil their sporting ambitions.

Rob is excited about the opportunity to create top-class kids activities across a range of disciplines at Kings and says that being involved from day one has allowed him to develop his vision with input and ideas right from the start. He is looking forward to building a strong team of leaders to help deliver the programmes with him.

Outside of work he plays tennis and padel and enjoys keeping active. He loves getting outdoors and walking his dog Rafa (yes, after Nadal!).

Joel Lindsay - Kids@Kings Leader & Member Services Executive

Joel has worked alongside Rob West for a number of years and plays a key role in the ongoing development and delivery of the Kids@Kings programme. He delivers all of the junior group tennis lessons with Rob and greatly enjoys helping children to progress their skills and enjoyment of the game. Joel has been working hard to achieve his LTA Level 2 Tennis Instructor coaching qualification and will obtain this very soon. He enjoys working with children generally and is also one of our Kids Camp & Birthday Party leaders.

Away from the Kids programme, Joel works as a Member Services Executive at Marina Health & Leisure. He is always willing to help our members so don't hesitate to ask Joel for assistance, or just say hello!

A love of cooking led him to study catering at the College of FE and he particularly enjoys cooking breads. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music.


We know how important it is for our members and guests to feel welcome when they first enter the Club. Our Member Services team are always on hand to help and assist you with friendliness and professionalism, making Kings feel like your home.

Guida Jardim - Member Services Executive

Guida moved to Guernsey in 2013, loves the island, its friendly people and has been at King's since June 2023 as part of our member services team.

She is a positive person and believes in working hard. In her role as member services executive Guida is always happy to help and goes over and beyond to get tasks complete to a high standard. Guida regularly attends Kings health club to keep active.

In her own time, Guida loves spending time with her daughter and enjoys being kept busy through nature and beach walking, gardening, crochet crafting, sewing and baking. Guida is keen to learn new crafts and finding the answer to support all members and guests to have the best experience in our health clubs.

Phoebe Page - Member Services Executive

Phoebe joined the Kings team in July 2023. She loves being able to work as part of a team and as a Member Services Executive, Phoebe can often be seen across Kings and Marina interacting and assisting our guests and members.

Outside of work Phoebe enjoys keeping active through walking and being in the outdoors. Phoebe is a keen netball player, loves taking care of animals and can be seen spending lots of her time with family and friends.

Chayan Mondal - Member Services Executive & 1857 Front of House Operative

Chayan joined the 1857 team in November 2023.

Chayan loves a challenge and will always do his best in his front of house role. Chayan has a key eye for ensuring every customer has the best experience when visiting 1857.

Chayan has recently transitioned to also work in member services and continues to interact with customers across both environments to ensure everyone is happy.

Minnie Carre - Member Services Executive

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Deepak Narvekar - Member Services Executive

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Irene Carmona - Member Services Executive

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Melody Delgado - Member Services Executive

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