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Coronavirus Measures

12 March 2020

In the light of new advice given by the Director of Public Health, Dr Nicola Brink this afternoon, we would ask all members to heed the advice given.  Particularly in relation to potential respiratory symptoms:

"We're asking anyone who has any flu-like symptoms, that could be a fever, sore throat, runny nose, blocked nose or myalgia (muscle pain) to stay at home until 48 hours after the symptoms have resolved."

In the light of this, we have the following guidance in place for members:

  1. If you are showing signs of any flu-like symptoms, do not attend the Club under any circumstances.
  2. If you are self-islolating, do not attend the Club under any circumstances.
  3. Please regularly use the hand sanitisers provided throughout the Club.
  4. Please use the disinfectant wipes provided to wipe any equipment both before and after use and immediately dispose of your used wipes in the bins provided.
  5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean, and when washing your hands, do so with hot water and soap for a minimum of 20 seconds and rub with sanitiser afterwards.
  6. Please place all used towels in the towel bins provided.
  7. Look after yourself. Wellness is key. Always keep sufficiently hydrated, eat well, continue to exercise and ensure you get enough sleep and if you know you are categorised as “at risk” if, for example, you have pre-existing medical conditions, then please take extra care.

You may also notice that we are taking a number of additional measures to further minimise the risk:

It is our collective responsibility to minimise the risk of spreading harmful bacteria.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

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