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Memberships Suspended

24 March 2020

We have taken the decision to temporarily close the Club until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

As a result we will be suspending all memberships with no fees to pay until such times as we are able to re-open our facilities. 

Please note that as per our terms & conditions this suspension will also result in the suspension of your membership subscription term during this period. Your subscription term will recommence after the completion of the suspension period and once your subscription charges return to its normal rate.

There is no need for you to cancel your Direct Debit or your membership, we will manage the suspension of  payment collections for you.  

Annual payers and those on short-term memberships will have the suspension period credited by way of an extension to their existing renewal date when we re-open. 

We thank you for your loyalty and we look forward to welcoming you back to our facilities soon.

If there are any other services which you would like to see us providing for you during this time, please let us know.   We want to serve our members in every way we can as your health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

Stay healthy!

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