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More opportunities to ride The Trip

11 November 2020

Our Immersive Fitness studio is proving more popular than ever, so due to high demand, we are introducing five new weekly class of The Trip with immediate effect.

We are delighted to announce that Liz Dale has been approved by Les Mills to start instructing The Trip and she will be leading new weekly classes on a Wednesday morning at 8am and on a Sunday at 10.15am.

We also have a new instructor.  Tracy Hubert has joined the Kings team and will be taking classes every Saturday from 10.15am and she will also be taking the Thursday evening class at 7.00pm.

Dave Richardson will be putting on an additional class on a Wednesday evening at 19.05pm and there will also be a Friday lunchtime class with Claire Luvin at 12.15pm.

That means you now have 17 opportunities to lose yourself in the virtual worlds of The Trip every week!

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