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Jonathan Skelton

Jonathan Skelton

Tai Chi Instructor

Jonathan is a teacher and practitioner in Tai Chi and Qi Gong. He has been learning and practicing for twenty three years. He is a Registered Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Beginning in 1997 Jonathan took instruction in Tai Chi with the Guernsey Tai Chi Foundation and gained his certificate for foundation practice.  He went on to learn Tai Chi short form under the guidance of the John Ding Academy in London.  In 2015 he took instruction in Tai Chi Chuan long form and various Qi Gong practices for three years. Classes included instruction in the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Tai Chi.

Jonathan’s daily practice includes Walking Meditation, a variety of Qi Gong practices, and Tai Chi Chuan long form. He is currently learning to access the meridians, which are energy highways that connect the major organ systems.  This is another essential element in Tai Chi meditation, through guided internal exercises as taught by renowned practitioner Damo Mitchell.

In addition he is learning Mandarin, studying Taoist philosophy, and practises Chinese calligraphy.

Email: info@kings.gg
Phone: 01481 723366

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