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Mike Froome


Fitness Instructor

When it comes to experience, Mike has it in spades. He’s been teaching fitness classes for “Donkeys Years” and joined the team at Kings in 2010 as a part-time fitness instructor.

He is keen on motivating people and making them work as hard as they can in order to get maximum benefit from the classes. He particularly likes the music and choreography of his Pump and CX Worx classes, and says that the Les Mills offering within Kings is second to none.

He spent nearly 20 years as a paramedic and training manager at the Guernsey Ambulance Service and is currently the Clinical Skills Trainer at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. He is also Guernsey’s Community Resuscitation Development Officer and spends two days a week teaching people around the island how to use defibrillators, together with basic resuscitation techniques.

In his spare time he loves to be out and about and enjoys swimming, eating out, socialising and people watching.

Email: info@kings.gg
Phone: 01481 723366

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