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Polly Tapper


Fitness Instructor

Polly arrived in Guernsey from Australia in 2016 and has been a part-time fitness instructor, teaching yoga at Kings ever since!

She loves everything about practising and teaching yoga, particularly the elements which concentrate on awareness of breathing;

“Even if you’re doing a strong yoga sequence, by listening to the breath you are reminded to let go and this is how the practice can be so medidative. There should always be a sense of ease with strength - this is known as sthira and sukha in yoga and the breath is key to this.”

Inspired by nature, she enjoys exploring all that Guernsey has to offer, as well as travelling to Europe to experience different cultures. She has a weakness for beautiful sunrises and says just seeing one gets her excited about the day to come. Luckily Guernsey is a great place for sunrises!

Outside of Kings, Polly has a number of different challenges. As well as being a new Mummy, she also works as a project manager, problem solving, planning and working closely with different people to meet timeframes. She says it can be stressful, but luckily yoga is the perfect antidote!

Email: info@kings.gg
Phone: 01481 723366

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