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Serena Moloney

Serena Moloney

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor 

Serena joined us in 2007 and her wealth of experience within the industry together with her welcoming and approachable personality make her a firm favourite with Club members and staff alike.

She loves to see people’s confidence grow as they see the benefits of using the gym or attending classes, and thinks Kings is special in that it brings people together and she loves to see the many friendships have been forged as a result over the years.

She particularly appreciates the way in which all the staff support each other and the ‘muck in’ approach of the team as a whole. She recalls the shock on the face of one of her former teachers who joined the Club and then discovered that Serena was a fitness instructor, given that during her school days she was one of the most shy pupils - so much so that it was mentioned in all of her reports! We find that hard to believe, but apparently it’s true!

Email: info@kings.gg
Phone: 01481 723366

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