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Synrgy 360

Synrgy 360 Classes are explosive small group circuit programmes designed by our in-house personal trainers to challenge you on all levels - all based around a single training rig. Synrgy 360 Power and Blast are tailored as follows:

Synrgy 360 POWER:  Strength work and explosive exercises for muscle strength, power, fitness and fat burn.

Synrgy 360 BLAST:  High energy conditioning class for muscle endurance, fitness, stamina and fat burn.

Revolve around our Synrgy rig from station to station and try out the different functional exercises, all under expert tuition and guidance. Perfect if you want to enjoy a great workout, but are limited for time!


To book a class, call 01481 723366, download the Kings App or click here to use our online booking system.

Members can book 7 days in advance. Non-Members can book 5 days in advance.

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