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The Trip

The Trip is set in our purpose-built Immersive Fitness Studio.  The class combines all the excitement and visual stimulation from IMAX Style cinema, live concert experiences, stadium sound and gaming-style platforms to give a workout experience which totally engages both body and mind.

From the moment the class begins, you’ll notice a difference between this cycle experience and any other class you’ve ever taken!

Be led by your instructor through digitally-created worlds, projected onto a 9m x 3m curved screen ahead of you to transport you into totally different dimensions.   Immerse yourself in virtual cyberscapes as you race, climb, lean, and drop into corners making you feel the speed and rush of the road, with every turn of the journey perfectly matched to the music and choreography.  Here's an example of how it will look:

The Trip is not just an exercise class. It’s a totally immersive, mind-blowing, fitness and fat-burning workout experience, exclusively available in the Channel Islands at Kings.  Try it for yourself!

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