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4 Mind 4 Body

This 6-week challenge creates a support group for members and non-members looking to lose fat with a more monitored approach.

Participants will be given a tailored calorie and a protein target based on their height, weight, age, gender and activity levels. These will be individually prepared by Personal Trainer Claire Luvin and emailed to each participant following the Week 1 seminar.

Participants will be required to monitor their daily calorie intake, protein, step count, and MyZone MEPs, and upload them into an automated Type-Form where they can be monitored by the trainer.

A guide on how to use My Fitness Pal will be offered to those who have never used the app.

2 x 45 minutes ‘4 Mind 4 Body’ group fitness classes will be delivered per week solely for the participants of this challenge.

Research shows that people are more successful at weight loss when part of a community with a shared goal. All participants will therefore be invited to a closed Facebook group where they will be encouraged to share their daily wins to keep motivation high.

Once a week a blog/video will be uploaded on a relevant topic such as sleep, protein or something that’s trending health wise. Claire will produce content, discussion points and feedback to participants’ posts and questions.

Participants will have to attend the club at least three times per week. One of those will be the group fitness class and the others a combination of either the second or third group classes or a standard timetabled class, racquet sport, swim or gym session.

Participants will be required to weigh in officially in the presence of a trainer three times during the challenge on the KBT, at the start, mid-way and at the end of the 6 weeks.

Face-to-face support once a week is recommended as this is proven to be more effective for motivation and encouragement.

The winners will be decided on who makes the biggest positive gains in their overall KBT reading, taking into account not only weight loss, but muscle gain, improvements in visceral fat and metabolic age.

If there is a tie in any area, then who ever has earned the most MyZone MEP’s will be the deciding factor. There will also be an overall winner, which will be based on results and commitment over the 6-week period.

How much does it cost?

The cost to members is £150 per member or £300 to non-members (the non-member rate would include a 6-week membership).

For this price participants receive:

1 x Nutrition seminar

2 private classes per week to choose from

1 x Club session of your choice per week

Daily accountability

Weekly check ins

Weekly online Facebook webinar Q&A

Facebook group support

Rental free MyZone belt

6-week membership (non members)

The opportunity to win prizes

                                   And ultimately – fat loss results

You can contact the course leader Claire Luvin on Claire.Luvin@kings.gg for more information and to find out availability.

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