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We are delighted to announce that a brand new 'Club within a Club' for our younger members will be launched later this year in line with the Kings vision of becoming a true family hub, where all ages can work to improve their health and fitness while also spending quality and productive family time together.

Kids@Kings will be under the leadership of renowned Guernsey tennis player and coach Rob West and will provide a unique sports and kids activity centre, incorporating not only tennis, but also group fitness, swimming, team sports and skills, creative arts and much more.

"Kings is uniquely placed in providing state-of-the-art dedicated facilities which will enable us to offer a variety of fun and engaging programmes in one single location,” said Rob.

“By incorporating a broad range of options we reduce the need for parents to travel to numerous locations. It also gives parents the option to attend an adult class or go to the gym at the same time that their child is benefitting from our programmes.”

Active children are more likely to become active adults and childhood is a key period for the development of the skills and confidence needed for a healthy and active adult lifestyle. The structured programmes and varied options which will be offered by Kids@Kings will not only support and encourage them to develop a lifelong love for fitness, but also enable them to learn vital skills and further their interests in a range of different areas.

We have some exciting ideas and plans in the pipeline, but would very much like to hear from you if there is an area, service or activity that you would be interested in. 

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