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Dance classes delivered by kids@kings are diverse and entertaining, keeping children engaged, enthused and eager to learn each week.  By covering a wide range of dance genres, our dance students become stronger and develop a deeper understanding of the art of expressing themselves through dance.

Led by Alice Seager, who gained her teaching qualifications at the Royal Academy of Dance in London our classes enable children to develop their performance and choreographic skills through a variety of techniques.

The diversification of dance styles in any dancer’s repertoire has wide-ranging benefits. 

Street Dance styles, including break dancing, popping and locking and house dance help develop rhythm, teamwork and creative freedom.

Fusions of Ballet, Jazz and World Dance promote alignment, strength and flexibility as well as improving rhythm, musical phrasing and self-expression.

Contemporary Dance, including modern, lyrical and classical ballet enable the connection of mind and body through fluid dance movements, building the skills needed to perform a more emotive and expressive dance to lyrics.

Musical Theatre incorporates several different dance styles, from jazz and tap to street dance and contemporary.  It involves learning to perform as a character and tell a story with movement.

All of the above are incorporated into our dance courses.  We focus on a different style each week as we believe that learning a variety of dance styles gives versatility to dancers of all abilities, enabling them to translate movement and choreography with ease.  All the techniques complement each other and the ability to comprehend and take ownership of each individual performance is greatly enhanced as a result.

Classes are 45 minutes long and take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

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