Personal Training

Personal Training

Everybody responds to different training types, styles and techniques. We offer an ever improving selection of equipment resources that can assist you in identifying and achieving personal goals specific to yourself.

Our personal training sessions can be booked in either 60-minute or express 30-minute slots.  We also offer PT Duo sessions, where two people can train together with one Personal Trainer, splitting the cost between them.

By setting challenging but attainable targets, our qualified staff can support you to progressively achieve them, providing the right motivation and support to educate you along the way. By combining realistic short and long term goals, everything is achievable.

Many of our members are continuing to reap the benefits of personal training, with benefits including faster and better results, increased motivation, ongoing tuition as regarding form and technique, together with additional advice regarding healthy living and exercise, to ensure that long-term habits are formed, and maintained. For more information regarding our Personal Trainers and their areas of expertise click here.

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