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Although they can be played on the same court, squash and racquetball are two completely different beasts. One was invented in England and the other in America. The main differences are that Racquetball uses a larger, bouncier ball and the racquets used to play the game are tear-drop shaped with a larger stringed area. There are also differences in rules, playing area and scoring. Racquetball also requires less skill and is a great cardio workout, as with a bigger, bouncier ball, rallies generally last longer than in squash.

Our court is used for both games. We have a long and distinguished history of producing players of great talent and our most notable success in recent years is Chris Simpson. Great players such as Lisa Opie and Martine Le Moignan also enjoyed playing squash at Kings whilst making their way to becoming World Champions.

To book a court, call 01481 723366, download the Kings App or click here to use our online booking system.


Members can book 7 days in advance. Non-Members can book 5 days in advance.

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