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Knowledge is power

Everyone is different physically and it pays dividends to understand more about yourself when considering your overall health and exercise plan.  That's where the KBT system comes in.  Why not sign up to this great off-peak offer and have a free KBT session - find out the facts and tailor your own personal fitness plan.

Kings Boditrax is a comprehensive method of understanding your physical composition that goes far beyond the humble scale.  KBT scans your body to assess muscle mass, fat percentage, hydration levels and differences across your body - and all in less than 2 minutes.


Insight provides motivation

Accurate information is always a great place to start and you can come back to the KBT for subsequent readings to view changes. Being able to measure your progress means you will feel more motivated to do regular exercise in whichever form you choose.

Proven technology

The Boditrax technology is trusted by top athletes and sports coaches, the NHS in England, The Football Premier League and Formula One Racing. Our trained staff are waiting to walk you through it.

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Join now through our secure online portal and we will enter your details into a free draw to win a month's membership of Kings Premier Health Club. There has never been a better time to join!

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This offer not right for you?  We have a variety of membership options available.  Whether you love group fitness classes, Personal Training or just want to enjoy our wide range of facilities - let us know what you need and we can advise which of our membership packages would work best for you.

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