Myzone - take control!

A member's experience:

"Simply connect the module onto the red belt, moisten the black contacts and put it on! I can also pair it to my phone to keep a closer eye on how I am doing by monitoring the app in real time."

You can join challenges with other users!

"If you are competitive this is the perfect way to stay motivated and see how many points you can earn. If you want to be at the top of the leader board then you just need to earn more points than anyone else! I find setting a daily target a great focus, as they quickly add up throughout the month."


Level up!

"You will earn higher status rankings if you can keep up your monthly targets throughout the year! This really helps me to keep on top of my long term goals." 

Motivate yourself!

"Regularly check your effort levels during a workout. I like to keep checking my levels using both the in-Club monitors and the app on my phone to make sure I earn as many points as I can during a workout. It is perfect for recovery periods too. When your heart rate drops whilst recovering, you know exactly when to pick it back up again."

Motivate your friends!

"You can connect with other MyZone users and being able to see a snapshot of each other’s workouts and results adds to the experience! If you want to share your progress with others this is also the perfect way to do it! Every workout is automatically shared with your friends, enabling you to like and comment on each other’s performance."

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